Quail eggs ecogall

In the ecological farm ecogall we raise our quail following ecological methods. No animal is caged and have large areas of grass to graze outdoors where they find all kinds of insects.

The feeding of our quail is complemented with ecological certified feed based on cereals and legumes that ensure a balanced diet and the necessary nutrients for egg laying.

The ecogall quail eggs are a gourmet product of high nutrition

Balances cholesterol

It contains good HDL cholesterol that helps fight bad LDL cholesterol

Improve the view

Thanks to the high level of vitamin A helps to protect the health of the eye

Stimulates growth

The high level of protein stimulates cell growth and regeneration

Calm allergies

Thanks to ovomucoid protein mitigates the symptoms of allergy

Reduces blood pressure

The great contribution of potassium acts as a vasodilator, relieves tension and stress in the blood vessels

Prevents chronic diseases

Antioxidants that contain quail eggs eliminate free radicals that cause chronic diseases and cancer

Increase the metabolism

B vitamin from quail eggs stimulates metabolic activity, as well as hormonal and enzymatic function

Elevates body energy

All minerals, micronutrients and proteins contribute to raise the mood and energy of the body

¿Quail eggs Quail eggs?

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Quail eggs are high in vitamins and minerals. Its nutritional value is three to four times higher than that of chicken eggs.

Quail eggs contain 13% protein (11% in chicken eggs) 140% vitamin B1 (50% in chicken eggs) and contain 5 times more iron and potassium.

Thanks to ovomucoid proteins, quail eggs help to fight allergic symptoms.

Quail eggs ecological

Our quail eggs come from quail eggs with food and ecological methods, however, we do not have the ecological certificate because there is currently no regulation that regulates the production of
quail eggs.
We hope to be able to certify our organic quail eggs soon.