Ecological chicken, farm chicken and industrial chicken main differences

There are many negative items that society today attributes to the industrialized livestock practices that exist in agricultural production, some of them are true, others depend on the producer and others are exaggerations or practices that are out of context. In any case, in the meat chicken sector, this negative view of the fattening of chickens and the treatment that

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Organic chicken with prawns and chickpeas

This ecological chicken dish with prawns and chickpeas has a very simple elaboration and will surely surprise the most demanding guests. Ingredients ecological chicken with prawns and chickpeas 1 Ecogall ecological chicken 12 medium prawns 1 pot of chickpeas 1 onion from Figueres 4 ripe tomatoes 4 cloves of garlic 2 bay leaves 1 glass of cognac and 12 of
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Ecogall ecological farm

With this simple post we release Ecogall ecological farm blog. We hope that the content we publish is of the utmost public interest and this is the first of many more posts.